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lessons learned

You need to be conscious that applying lessons learned requires investing time and resources. This needs to come directly from the business unit so you need to be lean and […]
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The following post presents an overview of GMD´s Knowledge Management strategy for the present year. GMD is a leading IT outsourcing firm based in Lima, Peru. It forms part of […]
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Applying lesson learned is an ongoing challenge in many organizations. Getting past the “documentation” stage apparently is a huge burden, but let me tell you that it´s not complicated at […]
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I recently published a post that documented some of the key problems surrounding lesson learned development and application. The most surprising aspect is the cavernous disconnect between “collecting” and “applying” […]
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Traditional communication methods are rapidly being revolutionized by social media and technology is part of our daily lives. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or netbook , the image of a […]
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Lessons Learned are documents which capture proven experiences (both positive and negative) within projects or key process areas. They generate a learning experience which can be applied in the future […]
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