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When you are growing up you never think of becoming a knowledge manager (or kmer in twitter slang). Most of the Kmers i know confessed to me that they stumbled […]
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When I first studied KM, I was introduced to concepts such as Nonaka´s SECI model, McElroy´s Knowledge Life Cycle, Wiig´s theory on people focused KM, I analyzed Tom Davenport´s “Working […]
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“Human beings, are blessed with a language, a system of communication so powerful that we can share what we´ve learned so that it can accumulate in the collective memory. It […]
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We are launching a new Project that explores why people feel motivated to share their knowledge. This project represents a borderless effort to unite testimonies and personal anecdotes from people […]
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The following post presents an overview of GMD´s Knowledge Management strategy for the present year. GMD is a leading IT outsourcing firm based in Lima, Peru. It forms part of […]
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Applying lesson learned is an ongoing challenge in many organizations. Getting past the “documentation” stage apparently is a huge burden, but let me tell you that it´s not complicated at […]
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Connect with me: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook Whenever I read a book about knowledge management I am immediately transferred to a parallel domain where reinventing the wheel is a popular hobby, information overflows but […]
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