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Knowledge Management Roadmap and Practices…What comes first…then second…?

Knowledge Management. What does it involve? Which companies are doing well? I analyzed some of the best companies doing well in this aspect. IBM, Fluor Corporation, Kraft Foods, Ecopetrol, Danone, […]
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By now you´ve probably heard of C-Generation. If you haven´t let me sum it up for you; C-generation is a term derived from social media which describes the connected consumer: […]
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Are we ready for C-Generation yet? the C-generation refers to a new wave of connected knowledge workers who are shaping the future of business. They represent a workfoce that thrives […]
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Los procesos, las métricas y analytics son importantes para alinear estrategias y alcanzar los resultados del negocio.  La información que se genera como resultado de la interacción de las comunidades […]
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-José Carlos Tenorio Favero Processes, measures and information analytics are important for strategic alignment and to obtain business results. Interaction within Communities of Practice provides companies with more information surrounding […]
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Over the course of the years implementing KM I have identified 11 compelling aspects that allow organizations to successfully develop KM. These 11 aspects are listed below: 1) Clearly articulated […]
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