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As we embrace the digital era, what new challenges does Knowledge management (KM)  face? We can honestly argue that over the past decades things have changed a lot. Just thinking about […]
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According to Gallup, ony 13% of workers are engaged at work. You can revise their report here to find the exact figure for your country. Their findings are based on workers […]
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A continuación podrán descargar el Articulo, Gestión del Conocimiento: Lecciones desde la practica. ©Jose Carlos Tenorio Favero Connect with me: Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook
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This information piece draws attention to some of the key points we need to consider in order to develop storytelling in modern organizations. Rossana Karunaratna, short story writer and gender […]
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There’s a lot of information being shared out there about Knowledge Management. Most of this information is tagged in Twitter by the hashtag #kmer. With over 140 million Tweets flying across […]
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The other day  I sat down to share a cup of coffee with a couple of engineers I work with. One of them happens to be one of the most […]
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KM effectiveness and engagement is conditioned by a series of factors. Here´s a few thoughts which can help to improve your organization´s KM strategy. KM actions must be directly aligned […]
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“¿What´s in it for me?” – Creating the ultimate knowledge experience

“¿What´s in it for me?” Name one Kmer that hasn´t heard the above question. Yes, it’s a cold look at the reality of what organizations face when it comes to […]
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The time they spend online is greater than years before. For example, watching online video is a daily routine. In a recent investigation published by YuMe, 49% of respondents said that […]
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