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How we contribute in developing Knowledge Management

Wakiy is Knowledge Management Community founded in Perú in 2018. The name Wakiy comes from Quechua language and means ¨sharing¨ a cornerstone term for knowledge management and our community in general. Our aim is to bring together qualified knowledge management professionals in order to discuss, investigate and share best practices in the field.  We are aware that in an increasingly complex world, KM strategies need to adapt and evolve so they can benefit organizations – whether they are law firms, banks, non-profit organizations, or just any industry that can gain benefits from KM. .

José Carlos Tenorio Favero, Co-founder Wakiy

José Carlos is currently Head of Knowledge Management in a leading IT firm in Perú. He has 10 years of experience implementing knowledge management in a variety of firms and industries.

Nilton Zocon, Co-founder Wakiy

Nilton currently holds the position of Operations Manager in a leading IT firm based in Lima Peru and has a Phd in Organization Governance. In all his job duties he has overseen the implementation of Knowledge Management and is one of the most recognized KM authors in the LATAM región.

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