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José Carlos Tenorio Favero, especialista en gestión del conocimiento, aborda algunos de los elementos mas importantes que se deben tener en cuenta cuando se inicia un proyecto de gestión del […]
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There are many things that knowledge managers can do to promote the development of the strategy and of those of things involves connecting with people. Listening and learning from teams […]
Read more isn’t actually a civil war but the knowledge management (KM) front line is divided between software engineers and knowledge managers (kmers). Recent advances in the field of social […]
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In the next post we will be looking at the future of knowledge management (KM), specifically we will explore together the key tenets of what the field has to hold […]
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There is a great awareness of the benefits generated by the organization knowledge management, but very few of them really know how to achieve success based on knowledge of its […]
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CEOs generally are busier people within an organization, they must deal with the financial results, strategic plans, sales and internal operational problems, and responding to all these results to directory. […]
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  “Theory of knowledge-based organizations,” says the success of organizations is based on its ability to integrate the expertise of its members, which allows you to generate competitive advantages in […]
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Companies are losing so much money without even knowing it. When talent walks out the door,  when best practices are misplaced, when team members don’t collect lessons learned after a […]
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During Mesopotamian times king Ashurbanipal constructed a library situated in Nineveh, an important trade route between the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean. It has been acknowledge by many historians as […]
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What new trends are disrupting knowledge management (KM)? Join me for a 45 minute conversation in order to explore the primary disruptions evolving around KM and the convergence of topics such […]
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