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Meet the authors (Los autores)


José Carlos Tenorio Favero (@josecarloskm)

“I love what I do. I am currently in charge of Knowledge Management in GMD S.A , a leading IT outsourcing services organization (Graña & Montero Group) based in Lima, Peru. Working in the corporation has been a outstanding experience since I have been able to put my knowledge in practice in diverse sectors such as engineering, mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and environment.

Leading KM is not just about technology, as some think, first you need to discover opportunities and challenges must be reviewed. You need to be able to properly identify strategic knowledge in order to prioritize efforts and budget. Then there’s the culture and change management part. Bringing people together, reducing silos and promoting communities of practice are just another part of the challenge!

I also love to teach, write and collaborate with others”


Nilton Zocon Alva (@niltonz)

“I started my career 14 years ago in the Graña and Montero Group. I started as an apprentice and through the years I was given more responsibilities and assignments which finally led me to one of my greatest experiences as Head of Human Resources.  Today, I not only lead HR, but as Organizational Development Manager I oversee the areas of Project Management (PMO), Quality Assurance and Information Technology.

Since teaching is one of my passions,  I am currently enrolled as a lecturer and professor in the Centrum Masters Program, USIL and Pacifico.  I´m also undertaking PHD studies in the area of People Governance”.


Luis Diaz Imiela-Gentimur 

With over 50 years of experience in the engineering and construction sector, Luis Diaz played a fundamental role in the development of the Graña and Montero corporation.  In 1990 he became General Manager of GyM and was involved in important projects such as the Swiss and Sheraton Hotel (in Lima and Santiago), the Ralco hydroelectric in Chile and many others.  Upon his retirement, he was asked by the Board of Directors to remain in the institution as Director of the Corporation´s Learning Centre where he undertook the responsibility of leading the Knowledge Management Strategy.

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