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How are you preparing your 2019 KM strategy?

From the desk of knowledge manager José Carlos Tenorio Favero @Sapia

Happy to share how we are developing Knowledge Management in Sapia.

We are combining traditional KM processes with AI in order to bring to forward new ways to facilitate strategic knowledge identification, transfer and implementation. An important success factor has been to deeply engage KM with the company´s strategic issues, allowing KM to become a vital support in obtaining results such as economic savings in specific projects and improved client satisfaction (measured before and after implementing specific KM initiatives).

Allowing KM to partner with some AI tools such as IBM´s Watson Discovery and other in-house developments have also helped improved the way knowledge is captured and transferred between experts and communities.

Virtual collaboration add-ons have also been very helpful in allowing teams to connect from any place in order to actively collaborate together in various knowledge tasks. With the ongoing disruption, industry convergence and new challenges, I am convinced that KM needs to go beyond its current scope in order to drive value in new ways. Traditional methods for carrying out KM are not always successful in generating short term results and although IT is not the primary solution for KM, it genuinely requires a tech partner in order to go beyond.

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