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The travelling knowledge manager

There are many things that knowledge managers can do to promote the development of the strategy and of those of things involves connecting with people. Listening and learning from teams can lead to many positive changes.

We know for a fact that people usually avoid sharing knowledge for numerous reasons and having the best knowledge technology in the market won’t necessarily  remove this barrier.  Many people don’t ask for help because they don’t want to look incompetent or feel left out when no one takes time to answer their questions.

There was a time in my career in which I felt things were not working out too well: We had identified various knowledge barriers and tried a numerous things to overcome them but something was just not clicking along the way. At that point I realized that I knew little of the company; most of the operations were carried out in diverse locations and I needed to get out there in order to connect and learn from the teams. That’s when I became the travelling knowledge manager.

KM oboarding session – proyect team based in Puno (North Peru)

I made it a top priority to move around projects and talk to business and community leaders,  always trying to spot reasons behind the restrictions and problems that were identified around knowledge sharing so that actions could be taken immediately. I`m still surprised to learn that some knowledge managers feel comfortable staying behind the trench lines and prefer to leave the strategy in the hands of technology.

I even signed up as an internal trainer in order to promote knowledge sharing and got the KM team to contribute various times in the week asking questions or posting relevant content in our KM portal.  We also concluded that many people felt that they had tremendous amount of knowledge to contribute but had no idea how to get it out there.

Let’s not forget that knowledge management requires building connections and fostering culture, so we have to the be the first ones to reach the battlefield. What about you? How do you think knowledge managers can contribute to the development of the strategy?

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