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The legacy of a Chief Knowledge Officer

When you are growing up you never think of becoming a knowledge manager (or kmer in twitter slang). Most of the Kmers i know confessed to me that they stumbled upon the field by chance. For me it was somewhat similar, although I was attracted to the field of information science (I took a lot of KM related courses) from my early high school days and that attraction finally led me to marrying KM  as a profession. If it was by chance or due to a series of carefully planned decisions, all I can say is that it was meant to happen.

From my very first graduate year I was positioned as a KM intern in a public institution and from that point onwards I became very much interested in pursuing KM as a formal career. I was attracted to the human side of KM. Thing is, being a Kmer allows you to play a pivotal role in people´s lives. In a certain manner you influence in their learning path,  you help them to find new ways of  doing things and even to shift paradigms and lead change.   This is one of the prime sensations of being a Kmer.

Usually we get to hear a lot about how KM impacts business results, but we hear little about how rewarding KM can be on a personal level. If we were to look up and think of the legacy KM leaves behind, I’m sure we will be giving others the opportunity to see it as well. Fact is, KM is not one of the top professions out there.  And I’m not sure if early grads are thinking of pursuing a KM career. The average age of  Kmers is rising and I hope that wont affect the future of the field.

A snapshot of our knowledge transfer and creation sessions (GMD. SA- Lima, Peru)

A snapshot of our knowledge transfer and creation sessions (GMD. SA- Lima, Peru)

Leading  a train the trainer´s session!

Leading a train the trainer´s session!

Over the course of the last few months, many people have debated about the future of KM. We know for a fact that KM has taken a series of deep and cut throat blows during the course of its existence. Even now its becoming popular to think that Sharepoint-like platforms will allow organizations to successfully endeavour in KM. Also when business managers hear the Word Km they immediately think of training or conducting meetings where people are brought together in order to share knowledge. Thats usually it. This leaves us to think that KM hasn’t penetrated as  it needs to and that we need to write a new chapter in KM.


At the last KM essentials congress organized by Pablo Belly

Whatever reasons might exist, I know for a fact that KM is equally rewarding as its value preposition. A kmers legacy can reach limitless opportunities but we also need to tackle today´s issues. I suggest exploring millennial social behaviour in order to find new ways of thrusting KM forward in a digital age where Gen Y takes the spotlight. Connectivity, Co-creation and  Collaboration will become the founding principles of C-Generation KM.

© Jose Carlos Tenorio Favero

2 Responses to “The legacy of a Chief Knowledge Officer”

  • Mokone Tsiloane / Responder

    Good day Jose,

    I am a KMer myself and it put my mind at easy to realize my situation is not isolated. It gives me more determination to strive hard in order to see KM success in my organization. I live by the motto: If I can make someone’s day a whole lot better today, I will be content with myself.

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