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What motivates you to share knowledge?

We are launching a new Project that explores why people feel motivated to share their knowledge. This project represents a borderless effort to unite testimonies and personal anecdotes from people across different countries, age groups, professions, etc.

We will be publishing the testimonies in the Global Knowledge Management Facebook page, so in case you haven´t liked our page, here is the link 

We encourage you to join us in this journey and contribute your own testimony. All contributions will greatly appreciated. In order to contribute send us an email to:

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What motivates you to share your knowledge? “what motivates me is the opportunity of contributing and expanding my own points of view. Generating a reaction in others is like reactivating what otherwise would be “flat!”  -Rossana Karunaratna, Lawyer, Sri Lanka,

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What motivates you to share knowledge? “I share knowledge because no one shared their knowledge with me. That is why I decided I would” – Parakrama Karunaratne, Lawyer, Sri Lanka

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