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New age of Knowledge Management and the C- Generation

Are we ready for C-Generation yet? the C-generation refers to a new wave of connected knowledge workers who are shaping the future of business. They represent a workfoce that thrives on connectivity in order to get things done. They have embraced social media as a natural way to connect with one another, obtain the information they need and engage in dynamic learning experiences based on the concept of social learning which takes networking to another level.

C generation is mostly made up of millenials who will become the predominant workforce in a few years time. In fact, by 2015 the youngest millenials will be of working age. This will have an unprecedented impact on how business operates but above all, it will change the way learning occurs and how knowledge is transferred. In fact KM will become more socially embedded than ever before. Boomers may have to think twice before rejecting the paradigm shift and understand that organizational learning today is socially oriented.

Knowledge transfer is in fact becoming a more natural event. Some boomers preferred to hoard up their knowledge in order to avoid giving up their competitive advantage. However the C-generation doesnt think like that. Devoloping a digital identity means that we have to maintain a certain level of activity in order to gain aceptance and obtain followers. Culture is in fact shaping itself. For KM this means that we will have to work less in generating a knowledge driven culture and invest more time in creating the right channels which will guarantee effective knowledge transfer and creation.

For a long time we have viewed social media as a business solution but it’s not only that. right now it’s shaping the way KM works. C-generation is multitask, they gain information faster than before and understand how to filter it. They trust one another without actually meeting face to face and are willing to share their knowledge in order to enhance it without fear of losing it. If you doubt this just head over to sites such as or querky. They are constantly looking for an audience and have a deeper desire to learn and scale up the organization in less time.

Digital is in their DNA. However the question is…is digital in your company’s DNA?

Welcome to the new age of Knowledge Management.

One Response to “New age of Knowledge Management and the C- Generation”

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    Douglas Weidner / Responder

    @Jose. Good stuff.
    Some thoughts. Usually ages are of more consequence than specific activities within the age. In other words, you wouldn’t have called the industrial age the steam age.

    Personally, I think this is the post-industrial K Age. And, of course in the K Age, connectivity is critical, just as steam was to the industrial age and Info tech was to the Info Age.

    Actually, it seems the Info Age enabled the K Age.

    As for C-Generation, their entry brings other issues to the workplace – obviously lower levels of expertise and it seems retention is an issue as well. I’d hate to call the new KM, the turnover generation. Let’s just solve it.

    We address that issue at the KM Institute with a focus on Personal Knowledge Management (PKMgmt) as a distinct KM initiative, and on the new certification designation: Personal Knowledge Manager (PKM)™.

    You clearly have some good ideas on what PKMgmt and PKM™ might include.

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