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Knowledge management resources

Wakiy brings together KM contributors and experts in order to deliver best practices and value added content

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Helping transform the future of KM

We are bringing together content that explores the inclusion of AI and agile practices in the field of KM

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Creating value for KM


We explore the context of KM in order to deliver the latest insights.


Our experts can deliver in-house training and KM mentorship.


Our experts are available to deliver a conference or talk regarding KM practices.

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Our group of contributors are actively involved in the implementation of KM for a variety of industries. Wakiy creates a space for them to join their knowledge in order to  build better solutions for KM, solve important problems and work with the rest of our community as they continue to identify new ways to make KM matter.

Helping make connections

We help connect KM professionals in order to cross ideas and share best practices.

Finding issues that matter the most

Increased disruption, industry convergence, technological change and the need to shift KM in order to address new business models.

Exploring new solutions and technology

We help uncover how KM professionals create value using new strategies and technologies.

“If HP knew what ir really knows, it would be 3X more productive”

Lew Platt (Former HP President)

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